Can we observe (solatul) Eid behind an Imam who observed Eid in line with Hanafi madhab?
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Can we observe (solatul) Eid behind an Imam who observed Eid in line with Hanafi madhab?

Questioner: Can we observe (solatul) Eid behind an Imam who observed Eid in line with Hanafi madhab?

Dr Sharof: The question he asked is very important. You know if someone resides in European countries or American continent, one will witness varieties of things. Like the Hanafiyah, they are wide spread in those European countries. Even a lot of Muslims in the European countries, they practice their religion upon the madhab of Hanafi. And the reason is that for many rulings, the preponderance of what comes from the Hanafi is lenient. The way they inferred rulings sit well with a lot of people such that we might not find the same (leniency) in most of the other madhabs.

So he asked that if the Imam is Hanafi, can we line behind him to observe solatul Eid? That question might sound strange to some people. The reason (for such a question) is that the Hanafiyah, the first rakat ( of Eid), it is four ‘Allahu Akbar’ that they will do. And the second rakat, they will do ‘Allahu Akbar’ three times. And you know that in madhab of Imam Malik, we will do ‘Allahu Akbar’ seven times in the first rakat. And in the second rakat, we will do ‘Allahu Akbar’ six times.

And (in the madhab) of Imam Shafi’ee, he said they are to do ‘Allahu Akbar’ eight times in the first rakat, and also do six of it in the second rakat.

So, the similitude of what Imam Malik said is what Imam Ahmad also said, That seven ‘Allahu Akbar’ in the first rakat and six in the second rakat.

Abu Haneefah said four in the first rakat and three in the third rakat. There’s no problem, line behind them and observe solat. That ‘Allahu Akbar’ — except the first that is tekbiratul ihram — the others that follow it, we call them “tekbiratul zawaid”. They are ‘Allahu Akbar’ which are additions. The Sharia’h says if the Imam leaves them out of forgetfulness, he will not perform prostration of forgetfulness. And even if the Imam purposely abandons it, it does not nulify his solatul eid. There’s no problem about it. Line behind them and observe your solatul Eid.

Extracted from Radio Fiqhu fid-deen

Date: 21/05/2021

Topic: Question and answer Ep.96

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